Great Charities : Alex’s Lemonade Stand

The founder of Alex’s Lemonade Foundation, Alexandra Scott, was diagnosed with cancer, neuroblastoma, just before her first birthday.   When she was just a mere 4 years old, she told her parents that she wanted to setup a lemonade stand in order to raise money and give it to doctors to help find a cure.  With assistance from her brother, Alex’s raised $2,000 in a single day.  Though still battling cancer, Alex opened a lemonade stand every year.  Word spread of the amazing thing Alex was doing and it inspired others to open their own lemonade stands and donate their funds to her cause.

4 short years later, at the age of 8, Alex lost her battle to cancer.  During that time frame, her cause had raised over $1 million.  The following year, her parents started the Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation in her honor and to continue on the mission.

Since her first lemonade stand in the year 2000, more than $127 million has been raised which has funded 650 research projects, created a travel program to help families of children getting treatment, and developed other programs to assist families impacted by childhood cancer.

If you would like more information on the organization, information on how to donate, or would like to open up your own stand either online or for real, you can find more information on their website at Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation.