Great Charities : MaxLove Project

The mission of MaxLove, based out of Santa Ana, California, is “to increase the quality of life and reduce health risks for all children surviving cancer, both in treatment and beyond.”   They provide quality of life care, fierce foods, whole-body wellness resources, education and research.

Their goal is to allow children fighting cancer to have every available tool to help them be available. These include a nutritional wellness approach as well as physical therapies such as acupuncture, physical activity, and other healing narratives.

With the assistance of doctors, nurses, dietitians, chefs, farmers, integrative medicine practitioners and artists, MaxLove enables kids with cancer and their families take an active role in the child’s survivorship during and after treatment.

MaxLove was founded in 2011 by Audra and Justin Wilford shortly after their 4-year-old son Max was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  After a year and a half of chemo and surgery, the Wilford’s decided to look for solutions and procedures, outside of traditional treatments, that could benefit Max by reducing the pain, increasing his energy, and help with his future survivorship.

The options included whole food nutrition, good sleep hygiene, kid-friendly physical activity, and stress management techniques like acupressure, massage, and breathing.

Some of their programs:

Fierce Foods : The Fierce Foods Academy (FFA) is a collection of programs that help families of childhood cancer patients and survivors use whole foods to lower cancer-related health risks and improve quality of life. The programs range from direct education and professional counseling to social support and therapeutic arts.

Camp Make & Believe : Through MLP’s Camp Make & Believe, they help kids tell their own super hero story of fighting bad guy cancer cells with super-medicine (chemo), lasers (radiation), healthy sleep, fierce foods, physical activity, and a super-powered team of doctors, parents, siblings, and friends.

Upon signing up for the program, recipients receive a welcome kit containing :

The kit is comprised of:

  • An MLP exclusive Fierce Foods Guide
  • Our Camp Make & Believe SuperDuper SuperKids Thrive Guide
  • A Cloud b therapeutic sleep aide in alignment with our Sleep Super Peacefully segment of our BeSuper Action Plan
  • FREE membership to Thrive Market 
  • FREE year subscription to Headspace
  • Lily’s Sweets sugar-free chocolate
  • Dr. John’s sugar-free candies
  • Potential surprise goodies!

If you would like more information about MaxLove, the services they offer, or how to donate, please visit their website at