Great Charities : Flashes of Hope


Flashes of Hope was founded in 2001 by the parents of a child with cancer.  They have chapters in 55 cities and have photographed close to 60,000 children to date.   In 2009, they began funding research, raising millions since it’s inception.


“When a child or teenager is diagnosed with cancer, trips to the hospital instantly become the new routine. Isolated from school, siblings and friends, it can be a challenge to find reasons to smile. Yet, children with cancer find a way.”

On picture day, volunteer stylists make every child feel special.  Photographs are taken, by professional photographers, with family, friends, and even with a favorite nurse on occasion.  Each family is presented with framed enlargements, proofs, and a CD of all the images at no cost.


The images we have of Emily (some of which you see here) are some of my favorite.  As Flashes of Hope states, the pictures do not represent sick children, they represent hope and strength.  They are lasting images of Emily’s beautiful smile, the love she had for her brothers, and a moment of time in the middle of her struggle when, for a while, she could be the princess she truly was.   For many families, these are the last portraits they have of their child and quickly become cherished memories.

I highly encourage you to support Flashes of Hope and to read more about their mission and work that they perform.  You can get more information, donate, find a photoshoot, and more on their website at http://