January Portfolio +12.53%

So, the month of January is over for trading.  Our pretend portfolio was up 12.53%, with our actual investments bringing in 31.31%.   The reason for the discrepancy is that we didn’t invest the entire $500 in the account, so overall, the impact on the entire account is not as much. (blame math).  For the same period, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was down 2.15%.

At the end of January, we still have 4 open positions that we’ll roll into February.   To start Feb, our account balance will be $562.67.   Again, most picks will be under $10 with a total purchase amount in the $20-30 range. (i.e. 5 shares at $5 each)  

Though this account is not real, I do actually make these trades to keep the pricing realistic.  If you choose to follow along (under the menu Stock Stuff), remember this is not financial advice.  This is merely for entertainment and hopefully for educational purposes.