About Me

Originally from New Jersey, I’ve been a Hoosier now for about 13 years.  I moved out here with my beautiful wife and 3 kids for a job and to get away from the hectic and overcrowded atmosphere of the east coast.


Things were going well until we received the devastating news that our daughter, Emily, was diagnosed with a cancer called Osteosarcoma.  We spent close to a year and a half in and out of the hospital as she fought and battled.  Unfortunately, on May 11, 2012, she lost that battle.

Since the day of her diagnosis, and more so today, our family does everything we can to raise awareness of childhood cancer and to raise funds to support research for new treatments and hopefully, one day, a cure.


While we fight, we continue to raise and be proud of our two sons, who had to mature so much more quickly than any child should have to.

So I welcome you to follow my posts, most of which will likely revolve around raising childhood cancer awareness.. or they may be just some ramblings from a grieving, jaded father who thinks the world is often times just not fair.